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About Marilyn

Marilyn Armor, Watercolor ArtistI have been doing watercolors since 2005 and turned to painting after trying several other artistic endeavors, including art pottery, photography and narrative story writing. In watercolors, I have found a medium that truly speaks to me.

I am very eclectic in what I paint. Some of my paintings are interpretations of photos I have taken, a few are sparked by pictures I have seen, and then others—my abstracts—just come out of my head. In most cases I do not know what I am going to paint until just before I begin – and love to just start mixing colors. I get great satisfaction from the many unexpected effects that come from working with watercolors.

I have taken watercolor classes and workshops from several established artists, and I have taken workshops at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. These different experiences helped me to expand my technical knowledge and develop my own interpretations of my art.

My watercolors have been inspired by the beauty of Rappahannock County, where I lived for fourteen years on a farm with magnificent views of fields, forests, the Blue Ridge mountains, and a river running through it all. I also spend time on Cape Cod, where my love for the ocean becomes a subject for some of my watercolors as well. New Mexico is also another setting that has influenced my work. Overall, nature has been the primary inspiration for my art.